Least Tern in Flight by DeWitt

Least Tern in Flight by DeWitt

Parramore Shores Property Owners’ Association


March 25, 2010
At the Jackson Bluff Community Church
4470 Wainwright Road, Tallahassee, Florida 32310

Meeting called to order at 7:05 PM by John Mook, President of the Association.  He gave a history of the Association that was helpful for new and old residents.  The Article of Incorporation was established in 1982 and the Amended Declaration of Restrictive Covenants is dated June 30, 1995.  The By Laws are dated August 14, 2009.  The PSHOA follows chapter 720 of Florida Statue and Roberts Rules. The IRS says we have to pay taxes.  We utilize the services of CPA Price and Company.   Our insurance agent covers the members of the Board for Directors & Officers Insurance; Rogers, Gunter, Vaughn and Igler & Dougherty are our attorneys and we use two contractors,  Phillips Tractor and Apache Asphalt.

Roll call was taken by reviewing the sign in sheet and counting the proxies.  There were 32 members with 26 votes from members and 25 proxies, for a total for 51 votes.

Approval of the minutes of the Annual meeting:  Motion to approve by Bob Smith, seconded by Scotty Sanderson. Vote was unanimous.

Approval of Agenda for 2010. Motion to accept by Leta Sanderson, seconded by Arthur Aveling. Vote was unanimous.

Financial Report 2009 and the Budget for 2010 were presented by Rachael Mook.  On the proposed Budget for 2010 Marc Friedman asked how we estimate the road maintenance budget.  John logically and methodically explained how the budget was developed. John explained the amount of $600 for D&O insurance. Rachael was asked if everyone paid their dues this last year.  She informed the members that one homeowner from 2009 is in foreclosure.  Deadline for payment of 2010 dues is March 31, 2010. Upon motion duly made, the report and budget were approved.

Building Architectural Control Committee.  There was nothing to report from chair Scotty Sanderson.

Road Construction Report was presented by John Mook

In 1998 to 2004 a total of $39,197.96 was spent to maintain the road.  There were a total of 44 maintenance events during this period.  In 2005 we started a 5 year plan that included maintenance and improvement.  At this time the annual dues were increased from $150.00 per year to $200.00.  The purpose of this increase was to support the improvement and maintenance of the road.  From 2005 to 2009 a total of $74,891.16 was spent to improve the road.  The county graded the road 29 times during this period.  Also during this time 141 trucks of base materials totaling approximately 5.6 million pounds was placed on the road and spread.  About 1.1 million pounds per year.  During this time ditch maintenance, tree cleaning and road grading continued.  The results of the work over the past 5 years is an improved all weather road.  During the next year the road needs to continue to be improved and maintained, ditches improved, add 2 drainage culverts, widen the road between Frances Way and David Scott’s house and continue tree maintenance.  John recommends the $200.00 annual fee continue.  Generally, the County was not able to grade without destroying the road.

A general discussion on the road, Board policies, volunteers etc then followed. David Scott asked how he could be put on the road committee.  David stated he wanted to defend his behavior to the Board and feels he could help with the road improvements. Last year all volunteer work on the road was stopped by Board authorization.  The Board must give permission for anyone to work on the road and cannot authorize volunteers due to the possibility of an incident that could result in a law suit.  Scotty stated that if an incident occurred the Association could be sued. Mark Friedman said we could resolve this situation and asked if he and David could grade the road.  Mark stated he does not want to cause any more trouble.  David said he just wants to get along with his neighbors.  Arthur stated John was an engineer with the Corp of Engineers, had built roads and bridges and has done an excellent job of building the road for the past 5 years.   The program we have been following is working .

Bob Smith stated he lived out here longer than anyone.  He stated that frequent grading does not equal a better quality of road.  The base has made the road stable.  Marc asked a two part question:  1) it appears one man is making the decisions, and David and he would like to participate but maybe that isn’t possible and 2) other Associations would welcome someone to help grade the road.  Mary Beth Jones, out here for 10 years stated the road is the best it has ever been, a point agreed to by the majority of members present.  Joanna Frydrychowski believes we should continue what we are doing.  Sue McKinnon stated Marc dug a hole in front of her house with his grading and that it was John who filled and leveled her section of road.  Margaret Boeth would like to go on record that the road is the best it has been and we should continue the plan.  In support of John, Scotty stated it is very difficult to stand in front of the group and that John has done a good job conducting the meeting.

New Business: Website created by Bob Smith www.pspoa.net  Arthur thanked Bob for all the work he has done on the site.  Fees going from $7 to $9 per year.   Margaret Boeth suggested it could be used as a Neighborhood Watch.  We need e-mail addresses of all the members. Right now the Association only has 20 e-mail addresses. John requested members advise him or Bob  Smith of their e-mail addresses. We could also post minutes and other Association business and notices on line.

Friends of Lake Talquin – Report from Ron Frydrychowski, who represents the Board at the Friends of Lake Talquin discussed the Jackson Bluff dam issue and the spill way changes.  If the levy breaks the folks down the river will have a major problem.  Federal government states that the modifications have to be done.  After considerable discussion it was decided that both John Mook and Ron Frydrychowski would stay abreast of developments and report major changes to the membership.

Nominating Committee For Election of the 2010 Board of Directors:

The nominations of Ron Frydrychowski and Leta Sanderson were received by the Secretary.  Special thanks to Susan Scott and Bob Smith for serving on the Board.   Leta Sanderson presented the following members to the Board of Directors:  Arthur Aveling, John Mook, Pamela Aveling, Rachael Mook, Ron Frydrychowski, Scotty Sanderson and Leta Sanderson.  Unanimously elected for 2010 -2011 Board.

John thanked all the members for attending the meeting.  It was openly discussed that John has a solid vote of confidence from the majority of the home owners who publicly thanked him for his work as President.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.