There have been several sightings of bears recently. The bears are doing what they naturally do this time of year; that is foraging to build up their body fat for winter. They are also doing what many wildlife species do, getting the easy food first. An unsecured garbage can is an easy bear food source.

We appreciate the beauty of the environment in our neighborhood. It is rather hard to do that while picking up garbage that has been scattered by bears. Those that use ““Waste Pro”” to collect garbage make it easier for the bears by moving containers away from the house. Last week, the bears enjoyed a buffet along the road. We don’t want to do any harm to the wildlife, but we can reduce the problem by making garbage more difficult to dine on.

One tactic that works well is to secure garbage cans inside a garage or shed. This can work for those who take their trash to the Ft. Braden collection site. For those using “Waste Pro”, the cans may be secured to make it difficult for the bears to access the contents. This is also a good idea for anyone not wanting to store garbage cans in a garage.

After my wife picked up our can contents from alongside the road last week, she called “Waste Pro”. The receptionist took our information and made a call to a Leon County office. Later that afternoon, a county employee delivered a kit to secure the garbage can lid. It isn’t a perfect solution, but is an improvement.

Unfortunately, the county will only give the kits out one at a time. They cannot give us several kits to distribute. I did not get the information on what county office has the kits.

The information in the kit is attached. There is also a lot of information on the internet about how to discourage bears from accessing garbage cans.

Jim Pittman
Parramore Shores Property Owners Association